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The course presents an introduction to the relationship of law and business.  It focuses on specific principles of commercial law in certain subject areas.  Topics include contracts, sales, agencies, the Uniform Commercial code, harassment and unemployment laws, and other current legal issues.


  • Identifying the role of law in society.
  • Discussing torts, negligence, and liabilities.
  • Identifying the elements that create an enforceable contract.
  • Discussing circumstances in which a court may free a person from his or her contractual obligations.
  • Explaining the conditions and comments that make a verbal contract enforceable.
  • Describing contracts that are generally required by law to be in writing.
  • Discussing the rights of third parties to a contract.
  • Discussing sales law under the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) Article 2.
  • Discussing Consumer Protection laws.
  • Discussing immigration and labor laws.
  • Distinguishing sales from other transactions and applying the special UCC rules to the formation of sales contracts.
  • Describing when title and risk of loss pass from seller to buyer.
  • Discussing warranties and product liability that sellers of goods have for injuries caused by defective products.
  • Identifying the rights that buyers or sellers have when the other party breaches a sales contract.
  • Discussing the types of securities issued by a corporation.
  • Explaining the Federal and State registration procedure pertaining to securities issued by a corporation
  • Discussing employment law.
  • Discussing antitrust regulations.
  • Discussing alternative dispute resolution.
  • Discussing environmental law.

Course Syllabi

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