Sex Roles in Business and Society

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The course presents an understanding of how organizational role expectations interact with sex role expectations.  The primary objective of the course is to help both male and female students develop greater understanding and respect for each other as professional colleagues and as valuable members of society.



  • Identifying sex roles that are common within the contemporary Western cultures.
  • Investigating the impact of social institutions such as the family, church, school, and state upon changing sex roles.
  • Distinguishing among the definitions of sex, sex roles, and gender identity.
  • Analyzing contemporary issues for working women and men in our society.
  • Elaborating upon the process of identity development with emphasis upon sex role expectations at each phase of the life span.
  • Comparing and contrasting communication strategies and messages for males and females.
  • Researching sexual harassment and sex discrimination as contemporary business phenomena.
  • Discussing the meaning of work to both sexes and exploring its relevance to changing demographics among the work force.
  • Analyzing the impact of stress on working men and women.
  • Analyzing the concept of androgyny in terms of building a personal management style.
  • Tracing the history of changes in sex roles during the past century.
  • Discussing the choices available to men and women in choosing an occupation.
  • Discussing the role of organizational culture in dealing with issues of sexual harassment and organizational romance.
  • Summarizing the steps that companies should take in creating a policy on harassment.
  • Describing the origins of stereotyping.


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