Introduction to the Humanities

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The course examines the creative achievements of humanity in order to increase the student’s awareness and understanding of his/her unique value.



  • Defining the term humanities.
  • Tracing the historical background of major periods in the humanities.
  • Discussing the elements of art for each of the arts media.
  • Discussing the principles of design for each of the arts media.
  • Discussing the major aesthetic theories that have influenced the creation and evaluation of Western Art.
  • Discussing the assumptions and interests the viewer brings to a work of art which may influence appreciation of the work.
  • Researching the human need for art and the importance of art to the life of an individual.
  • Describing the sources of art subjects.
  • Analyzing the aesthetic concepts that influence the production of specific works of art.
  • Analyzing a work of art in terms of form, content, function, medium, style and organization of elements.
  • Describing the various artistic media, including two and three-dimensional design, theater, opera, film, and architecture.
  • Writing a formal critique that describes, analyzes and evaluates the aesthetic qualities of a work of art.
  • Recognizing how an artist’s style influences the creation of the work of art.
  • Appreciating works of art as universal icons of human consciousness.
  • Describing how a work of art affects the viewer emotionally and intellectually.

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