Project Initiating and Planning

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This course focuses on the project management methods necessary for initiating and planning successful enterprise projects. Students in this course identify and evaluate influential research in the project management areas of initiating and planning. Topics include the processes, tools, and techniques essential to the identification and definition of a new project or project phase and the development of a comprehensive project management plan.



  • Understanding planning as a management function.
  • Defining a project management strategy.
  • Defining a project management plan.
  • Discussing strategic planning in projects, programs, and project portfolios.
  • Defining project scope and developing work breakdown structures (WBS).
  • Understanding project workflow and network diagramming concepts and techniques.
  • Discussing estimation theory for project budgeting and scheduling.
  • Planning for managing projects and the role of the project management office (PMO) in project planning.
  • Understanding planning techniques for control of scope, time, cost, quality, and risk.
  • Discussing project charter development.
  • Stakeholder identification techniques and planning for stakeholder management.
  • Understanding project management plan development.
  • Discussing project requirements documentation, traceability, and management.
  • Discussing project activity definition, sequencing, and duration estimation techniques.
  • Understanding project schedule development and control.
  • Discussing project budget development and funding requirements.
  • Discussing quality management planning and project process improvement planning.
  • Understanding the importance of planning for project communication and information distribution.
  • Understanding project procurement and source selection planning.

Course Syllabi

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