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This course focuses on the management frameworks applied in the management of Agile projects. Students in this course identify and evaluate influential research from the Agile Project Management body of knowledge regarding the adoption and management of processes and management frameworks applied in Agile projects. This course presents essential skills and activities utilized in managing complex Agile project management frameworks within modern organizations. Topics include the processes, tools, and techniques essential to the identification, definition, and tailoring of agile project management frameworks that lead to successful delivery of desired project results.





  • Identifying and evaluating influential literature relevant to Agile project management frameworks.
  • Understanding universal ethical principles as applicable in the application of Agile project management in society.
  • Conducting research in the Agile project management field.
  • Application of the Agile Manifesto values and principles at the enterprise level.
  • Discussing challenges involved with scaling Agile to the enterprise level.
  • Understanding the implications of organizational culture and values in enterprise Agile project management frameworks.
  • Comparing strengths and weaknesses of various predefined Agile project management frameworks.
  • Discussing the Envision-Speculate-Explore-Adapt-Close Agile delivery framework.
  • Evaluating enterprise value driven delivery frameworks in the Agile project management context.
  • Evaluating how an Agile project management framework can determine agile practices suitable for organizational adoption.
  • Using process tailoring to formulate an Agile project management framework for an organization.
  • Discussing the role of governance in Agile project management frameworks.
  • Evaluating the project management functions in enterprise Agile frameworks.
  • Developing a project integration and delivery plan within an Agile project management framework.
  • Evaluate requirements and tasks coordination in enterprise Agile project management frameworks.

课程 Syllabi

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